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Jennifer McLean

“Don’t let life pass you by.” – Frankie Riccardi 2005

All You Need To Know

Health is my passion, helping people become aware of healthier methods of pampering, make it safer for myself, them, and this earth we live on, is what I thrive on.
The first day I was introduced to sugaring, I knew I was hooked, and believed in the product and its benefits. I am going on 8 years of being sugared, I can’t get enough!

Being on my own, having my own business, allows me to offer services that I believe in, that I know are cleaner, healthier, and better for our environment.

  • Hair Professionals (DeKalb, IL) & Cyndirella’s Academy (St. Charles, IL)
  • Cosmetologist Certification 2006
  • Sugar Technician Certification 2007
  • Dolce Vita Salon & Day Spa | Stylist & Sugaring | DeKalb, IL
  • Unique Concepts | Stylist | Sycamore, IL
  • Kohl’s | Beauty Girl | DeKalb, IL
Since giving birth to my daughter in 2011, my life has changed drastically, in a very good and healthy way. I transformed my diet, lifestyle, and committed myself to a full time schedule in college. I began eating cleaner, became plant-based, and focused on the earth, more than just myself.
Raising my child this way, has made me realize how much is out there, support, events, community potlucks, and so much health! My daughter is the love of my life, and I try and devote as much time, energy, knowledge, and instill my passion in her, to help guide her to her own path, one that will help make the world a better place as well.

I am in school, and very close to starting my bachelors for Public Health, specializing in Lactation. This business is my opportunity to keep me in school and help support my family along the way. I am a certified lactation specialist, and hope someday I can help more people, but in a different way. I have many people that have inspired me to find my passion in life, it hasn’t come easy, but it helps me to know I can be the jack of all trades, so to speak, to help me get through until I can reach my ultimate quest.

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